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Real Marriage Magick Spell

real marriage magick spell

My real marriage magick spell makes him/her propose marriage. Makes him/her marry you.

The person will hear and think the thoughts, which influences them, just as if someone were talking to them. All thoughts influence us to make decisions, so without these new thoughts, the person will only be influenced by those around them, or his their old negative thoughts. We cannot force the decision the person makes, but the thoughts are often enough to make the difference you want and need.

In this real marry me a magick spell with thought influence First I start meditating. As my mind goes deeper, I concentrate on you or the person you want to marriage spell to be cast on. In that deep state of meditation, I can connect to your soul because on a deeper level everything in the universe is connected. By using your soul as a bridge, I will connect to her/him subconscious mind and I will make a small change to marry with you.

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